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Lost Property

Holybrook Parish Council's Office is in regular receipt of lost property items (particularly glasses and keys).  

Lost items will be listed on this page (please see the Lost Property Policy for more information).

MM/YYItem Location Found  Collected
11/17 Samsung Mobile TelephonePark adjacent to Sainsbury's  
12/17Watch  Mill Lane, shingle    
 03/18Two dog leads Linear Park  
 04/18Hand Towel Beansheaf Centre  
 05/18Mobile phone case Linear Park  
 06/18Bracelet Linear Park  
 06/18Fitness Watch Linear Park  
06/18 Child's beaker Linear Park  
 06/18Child's beaker Linear Park  
06/18 Baseball cap Linear Park  
 06/18Black T-shirt Linear Park  
 06/18Cardigan Linear Park  
07/18 Water bottle Linear Park  
09/18 Child's skirtLinear Park  
09/18 Two picnic blankets  Linear Park 
 01/19Nike Water Bottle Beansheaf Centre  
 02/19Scarf Beansheaf Centre  
 02/19Mobile phone Linear Park  
 02/19Children's clothes Linear Park  
 02/19Earrings Beansheaf Centre  
 02/19Water Bottle Beansheaf Centre  
02/19 Water Bottle Beansheaf Centre  
 02/19Keep Fit equipment Unknown  
05/19Glasses Linear Park, Car Park  
 05/19Key Cow Lane Dog Bin  
 05/19Glasses Linear Park  
05/19 Guitar and case Path between river and woods, Linear Park